I love to write songs. My most recent song "A Wedding Blessing" is not published, and how exciting it is to me to think about that song… where it will be sung, who will sing, and how will it touch people's lives. That is a joyful thought!

I have been writing poetry and songs since I was a little girl. I still have the piece of sheetrock on which I wrote my first Christmas poem. We were building our house, it was late, and I kept thinking about that first Christmas. Those thoughts inspired the words that remind me everyday that I write because of "The Story of Christ." Sharing my faith through words and music is a rich privilege I never take for granted, and I cherish the opportunity to use this gift.

Since 1987, when Gerrit Gustafson at Integrity Music signed my first song "Rejoice and Be Exceedling Glad," I have written and published over 300 songs. A day of songwriting is my favorite way to spend my time. I am still amazed when I see the songs in print or hear them sung.

In 1991, with Integrity Music I consulted and wrote songs on their NAPPA Gold Award winning lullaby series. "I Love You,""Bless My Little Girl," and Bless My Little Boy." In 2011, we will celebrate the 20th anniversary, still selling.

In 1994, I created the character, Miss PattyCake and asked Jean Thomason to play that character. I had written 4 albums of PattyCake Praise Songs (Integrity Music) for children and wanted a way to share those songs with parents and their little ones. Miss PattyCake has taken that mission of "putting a song in every child's heart" around the world through 9 DVDs and 2 CDs.

The song "God Can" was aired on the televison series, "Touched by an Angel" sung by Della Reese and viewed by more that 20 million people. "Firm Foundation," "Because We Believe," and "The Blessing Song" are now in hymnals and sung in churches around the world. "Come Expecting Jesus" is a favorite for communion.

I have written musicals and published with most of the major labels. But more than all of this, I have met and worked with amazing writers, producers and artists like Jamie Harvill , Marty Nystrom, Tom Fettke, Marty Parks, Gerrit Gustafson, Claire Cloninger, Don Moen, John Chisum, Alvin Slaughter, Geron Davis, Steve Merkel, George Searcy and so many others. Each one has added a rich deposit to my life.

Most recently, George Searcy and I have written several songs together. One of my favorites, "How Profound Your Love," is often used for communion in our church. Another wonderful worship song, "May Our Praise Pour Over You," is sung by Marjorie Searcy on her new album "Orphan Train." Sung by Christie Nockels, "Be Still and Know", written with Steve Merkel, is on one of my favorite CDs "Healer" (Integrity). You can order this today!

Singing the songs with people I love and worship with is one of my greatest joys. I often sing "The Blessing Song" accappella for babies in our church, and I love when I hear the congregation join their voices as we celebrate God's gift of new life.

Songwriting has become a way of documenting my faith journey. I have stories behind most of my songs that are very alive and real to me. From the most broken hearted places to the highest days of praise and celebration, the song of the Lord rings loud and clear: "Jesus, You're my firm foundation, I know I can stand secure."

~ Nancy Gordon



Coming Soon!

Because We Believe,
a Musical by Word, Marty Parks (Easter 2011)

This We Believe
Musical features "Because We Believe"
Lillenas, Tom Fettke (Easter 2011)

"A Wedding Blessing"
Soon available in print and CD

"A Blessing for Baby"
The perfect gift for new baby Illustrated by
award-winning card designer "Julia D. Azar.

Stay tuned…….. hopefully soon!
Sisters Legacy
Leaving a loving legacy of beautiful things……
By Barbara Andrews (one of my beautiful sisters) and Nancy. We're teaming up to create some of our dreams…… It's fun, and it's going to be wonderful… Barbara's first book featuring her photography will release in the near future.

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